Wednesday, July 9, 2014

17 Weeks

I'm so happy to be writing this post, because that means, I'm finally feeling like a normal human being again! The nausea is gone, and I'm not as tired. I'm still a little tired throughout the day, but I'm totally okay with that! It's nothing compared to the first four months.

At four months, I'm noticing it's harder to sleep. Sleeping on my back is becoming painful. I was propping myself up a lot, but I would still wake up in the middle of the night and realize my back was aching. Even though I haven't gained a lot of weight yet, it hurts to sleep on my back because the weight gain is all in one place. Ha I'm trying really hard to sleep on my side so hopefully I get better at that.

The most exciting part of the second trimester? The flutters! I felt flutters at the end of 14 weeks. Bill and I were at the birthday concert for the Drive, and I felt three pokes/flutters in a row. It wasn't really distinct. I realize the baby is super small at that point, but I know I felt something. It's amazing! I've felt more flutters since then, and I get so excited and happy every time it happens!

After this week, we only have to wait 2 more weeks to find out if we're having a boy or girl! I cannot wait! We're going to get a cake after the ultrasound. I'm planning on having the ultrasound tech put the baby's gender in an envelop then letting the people at my favorite bakery read it so I can have them write a message on a cake about whether or not we're having a son or daughter. This way we'll all find out together. I couldn't be more excited!

I've been thinking that we're having a boy this whole time!! I will be shocked if we're having a girl, because I've never once thought it was a girl. I can't wait to see if I'm right or wrong. My mom and Bill's mom also think it's a boy. That's too funny to me.

We'll just have to wait a couple more weeks.... :)

Little Pink Book

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July, friends! I just love this holiday! Summer is in full swing, and it's so much fun to celebrate our country with fireworks, friends, and family! I'm in love with it.

I like baking fun treats. This cake is something else with the American flag inside of it! Amazing!

A couple of years ago, I lit off a couple of fireworks with Bill at the farm! It was so much fun although I prefer sparklers most of the time.

Hanging out with friends and family are probably the best part of this long holiday. I can't wait till my sister, Meg, comes home and we can celebrate holidays together!

This photo reminded me of Disney World, and I had to add it! Bill and I had an amazing time there during our honeymoon. That place really is magical. They weren't kidding... :)

Cherry pie has to be one of the best pies ever.

I had breakfast at the farm this morning with Bill's family. We had crepes, bacon, and pancakes. It was pretty good!

I spent some time with my mom this morning after breakfast and finished up some work. Tomorrow, my mom and I are swimming at a good family friend's house. I can't wait to talk to them and catch up on this fun holiday weekend!

Hope you all have a good weekend, friends!


Little Pink Book

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Girls Weekend Trip!

This past weekend, my mom and I went to our friend Paula's house for a girls' weekend! I LOVE going to her house and just hanging out with them. We hung out with her daughter Jenny too, and we went to a farmer's market where I bought focaccia bread, the cutest succulent plant, some kettle corn, and natural insect repellent and lavender spray! Mom bought a lot of the same things I did. We had a great time.

We spent lots of time at their pool just soaking in the summer goodness. I love floating around. Kittle hates the water. She's afraid of it really even though she can swim. When we weren't facing her, she would come up behind us when we were in the pool. She came up and gave me a couple of kisses. So cute! In this picture, Kittle is with her friend Ellie. Paula pretended to have a treat so I could get a picture of them. It worked!

What usually happens when I try to snap her picture! She walks away before I can get it.... Bummer.

Saturday night, we were going to try out this new Thai restaurant but they were new and totally having some trouble getting their orders ready! Anyways, we ended up eating at a Japanese restaurant that was awesome! We got a soup and salad right away, and our food was at our table in 6 minutes! They were so fast.

We watched The Millers when we got home, and I was really looking forward to it but I fell asleep pretty early into the movie. I was so disappointed with myself! Oh well. Baby was making me so tired. Ha

The next morning, Paula made us breakfast, and we went swimming afterwards. I had such a great time that I was sad that we had to go back home. There was grocery shopping to do and chores at home though.

We stopped at Culvers on the way home, and it hit the spot. I can't wait to go up for another visit to Wisconsin!

Little Pink Book

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Big News! We're having a baby!

Love this cake for a gender reveal party!

You haven't heard much from me in the last few weeks, because I haven't been feeling good lately! This is the only time, I'm really happy about that. We're having a baby!! We're so excited and happy.

We both thought the spring would be a great time to try for a baby, and it was! Our baby is going to arrive sometime in mid December! We can't wait. :) Next Tuesday, I'll be three months along. It's hard to believe I'm a third of the way through this pregnancy already. I've been feeling extremely tired and nauseous at times, but at the same time, I feel like it's going by fast.

I have had a couple cravings so far. I like eating Mexican food, popsicles, fresh fruit, and pickles! Surprise, surprise. Now, that I'm almost three months, I've noticed that I can't put off eating. When I'm hungry, I have to eat. If I wait, I end up feeling really sick and nauseous. I carry a granola bar with me and dried fruit in case I end up feeling like I can't wait to eat! I've never felt that way in my life where getting my next meal is an emergency! Ha Usually, I have no trouble putting off eating.

I'm really going to make a better effort to post more regularly. I don't want to forget what this pregnancy was like, and of course, I miss blogging too! I hope you'll follow along with this journey too. :)

Little Pink Book